Our Story

T wo prodigal Texans have returned from an extensive trail ride through the American Southwest. 25 years ago, Kevin and Andrea struck out on a meander which criss-crossed the high deserts of Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. From vintage homes of Las Vegas to coastal California, among the cactus, beneath the stars and back roads in between, within adobe walls or nestled between the timbers of the high country lodge, the American Southwest has enchanted them with its rich visual story. Whether it’s mid century modern, territorial adobe, or hill country farmhouse, our eclectic aesthetic continues to be shaped by these richly cultured places. What emerges is a playful marriage between the old and new, set in the 21st century. Come on over the cattle guard, pass under the front gate of rural sophistication!…..y’all are all welcome at DESIGN RANCH CREATIVE.

Who we are…


Andrea is a 25 year veteran of the advertising industry. Her know how has been earned by working with a wide array of clientele, ranging from restaurant to real estate, stretching across the field of entertainment to exercise. Her repertoire has broadened throughout the years to include an interior design portfolio of residential and professional spaces. Whether it’s web design or a complete brand identity, she is consistent in her dedication to customer satisfaction through an authentic work ethic.


The story’s too long, so I’ll tell thru song, of what I’ve seen in my days.
Of passion for exploring, while never ignoring the art to be found while at play.
A thirst for words, a love for making things, a willingness to teach, a tendency to preach.
A genuine interest for the vintage on Pinterest, while working hard for every plateau I reach.
The thrill of the hunt, the lay of the land,
The satisfaction of knowledge, gained by hand
While under stars or moon
Beneath a tree or in a classroom.
A father, a husband, an artist for life
I’m doing the best that I can.